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wooden cube

Wooden cubes are ideal for photo shoots. One wall is open. You can put flowers, balloons or decorations inside. Thanks to their shape, they look great in photos.


  • approx. 30x30x25 cm. / the weight about 2,5 kg
  • approx. 30x30x30cm. / the weight about 3 kg
  • approx. 40x40x40cm. / the weight about 5 kg
  • approx. 40x40x50cm. / the weight about 6 kg
  • approx. 50x50x50 cm. / the weight about 7 kg
  • approx. 50x50x60 cm. / the weight about 8 kg
  • approx. 50x50x70 cm. / the weight about 9 kg
  • Material: wooden board

1. This item can also be customized in size and color according to your request.

2. Unless expressly stated otherwise in the item description, the item is sold without decorations.

3. The product is handmade, so it does not always look the same.

4. The item may be used for photography. Props should be used under adult supervision!